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I am proud to present my 37th Full Edition Release, "Frederick Douglass, In His Own Words," available at   As we look back at black history this month, I wanted to bring a presentation that is not typical of my normal pieces.  Building on a photograph of Frederick Douglass, I constructed the piece from words of two speeches.  The first speech, reported in the North Star, March 16 1849, makes the case that the Constitution as founded was a pro slavery document, citing several clauses, and finishing with the fiery closing, concluding that it is a pro-slavery document.
The second speech is of an older and wiser Douglass while speaking in Glasgow Scotland on March 26th 1860, contradicting his position of 11 years prior.  At that point, after careful study of the Constitution and its arguments, that he came to understand that the Constitution was a creation of its time, and fundamentally undermined the institution of slavery in three ways.  I chose these two speeches to show how men mature, and how a slave can become a scholar.  Frederick Douglass was an adviser and associate of Abraham Lincoln, and I have seen no better, nor more credible explaination of the Constitution, and an illustration of the greatness of America.
The piece is available in sizes between 36" x 24" and 12" x 8".  Larger prints through direct message.
Your choice of acrylic mounting is available from "Frame it Yourself" as the print only, or up to 1/8", 1/4", 1/2", or 1" Acrylic overlay in select sizes.

Frederick Douglass, In His Own Words

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  • All prints can be wiped with a lint free, slightly damp micro fiber cloth.

    You should be particularly careful with the acrylic products.  You can not use cleaners such as Windex and scratching can occur if not careful.  We sell a clean kit consisting of a micro fiber cloth and a cleaner called Brillianize.

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