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The “Freedom Mask ©™®” by The Deis Photos.  This highly engineered lightweight, space-age, highly breathable material developed by Ryan, and based on information from H.C. Andersen dating back nearly 200 years is designed to protect you from some of the most devastating effects of the current Corona Virus pandemic.  This material is so high-tech that it can be delivered digitally.  The fabric is so comfortable, you’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing.  The application of this mask is the surest step to making the world seem like it did before Corona Virus took hold of society.  As always, this is not to take the place of sound medical advice and if you feel uncomfortable, please consult your doctor and request how much his hospital would fine him not to push masks or vaccines.  All sales final.  No refunds, no returns.  One size fits all.  To see how it would look, please reference a mirror.

Freedom Mask

$17.76 Regular Price
$1.05Sale Price
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