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For October 2021, I am proud to release my 59th full edition release in "Lafayette Moon."   I share an image of one of New Oreans' most distinguishing features, it's cemeteries.  A city with a history of pandemics and death, the cemeteries serve as a connection and reminder of the past.  Under the moon, Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 shows the cyrptic beauty of the city.

This stunning image would provide accentuate any room in your home or office.  This print is available in limited quantity edition under acrylic in various thicknessess from 1/4" to 1" or 1/8" Trulife Acrylic and mounted on another 3/8" acrylic piece in sizes from 12"x9" to 40" x 30".  Larger sizes available via direct message.  

Lafayette Moon

PriceFrom $71.98
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