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For August 2022, I am proud to release my 70th full edition release, "Phantom of the Marigny".   This image captures the rugged beauty of the Trinity Catholic Church in Faubourg Marigny, shut down in 1997.  Reopened in 2011, it is now known as the Church of the Arts, fostering and preserving New Orleans' rich culture of performing arts.  Against the dark backdrop, the building stands illuminated across half of it's face by a streetlight, in the beautify of the night. 

This stunning image would provide accentuate any room in your home or office.  This print is available in limited quantity edition under acrylic in various thicknessess from 1/4" to 1" or 1/8" Trulife Acrylic acrylic piece in sizes from 12"x9" to 40" x 30".  Larger sizes available via direct message.  

Phantom of the Marigny

PriceFrom $71.98
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